Hang Gliding Courses and Workshops for 2016

All courses include:

Transportation (Mt and XC)
Equipment storage and transportation
Radio support
Ground support
GPS tracking
Ground school
Video Analysis
Camping Equipment (if needed)

Hang I Certification Intensives:                                                                   4 Days

Rather than come for a single lesson each day, take a workshop and learn to fly with like minded others.  Get all the hang gliding instruction you can take in. The Hang I intensive is designed to take you from ground zero to well beyond the requirements for your first hang gliding certification. Learn to set up and break down a hang glider.  Learn about the rest of the equipment you’ll need to fly on your own.  Learn to launch and land by foot, develop a flight plan.  Learn to assess weather conditions and minimize risk. Have an adventure and meet new people. All your hang gliding equipment will be provided for.                                                                 

Hang II - Intensives:                                                                                     4 Days

The hang II Intensive is for students who have a hang II rating but want to branch out and log some air-time.  Instruction and supervised flying at the point will help you gain confidence and improve, ground handling skills, launching and landing technique, top landing, ridge soaring and getting familiar with thermals. After flying in the morning, students will either fly a local mountain site or reconvene later in the day, for video review and analysis, ground school and camaraderie (1-2 Days of Mt Flying).                                                                                                                        

Mountain Flying/Thermal Clinics:                                                                 4 Days

Flying in the mountains requires a number of precautions be taken.  Identifying good launches and landing zones, proper use of wind indicators, learn to identify thermal triggers and indicators.  Learn when to launch and land, how to hook a thermal and get high.  Learn when to leave a thermal and when to linger.  Develop sensory feel and learn to act on it (3 Days of Mountain Flying – Cost includes driver & vehicle).                                                                                                                         

Cross-country Clinics:                                                                                   4 Days

Learn and experience the art of cross-country flying.  You will receive ground school and practical experience as you embark on a series of guided mountain tours.  Learn how to plan and prepare for a cross-country flight, what equipment you will need, how to plan your route, weather forecasting and how to minimize risk.  (Cost includes driver and vehicle for 4 days).