Photo by, Marti Stevens

Photo by, Marti Stevens

Photo by, Marti Stevens

​Photo by, Marti Stevens​

Come fly with us!

We use every method available to help you build your flying skills, develop good judgement and become a strong pilot.  Review your flights with your instructor, identify strengths and clean up your technique.

When you're done training with us, you'll leave Utah a better pilot!

  • Video Review (3rd person)
  • Go Pro Review (1st person)
  • Radio Support
  • Ground School
  • ​Post Flight Critique
  • ​Goal Setting

Comprehensive Instruction

$125  Lesson (3+ hrs)

​$35    Hourly Rate

Novice and Intermediate Hang Gliding Lessons (H2 & H3)

"​Nothing pleases us more than seeing hang glider pilots improve and advance."  

Pilots come from all over the world to go hang gliding in Utah. You can do it too! Fly at the Point of the Mountain​ and receive the training you need to feel confident and be competent. Rack up hours and refine your skills under the supervision of our seasoned instructors. 

Haven't been out in a while?

Looking to regain your currency or get back into the sport?

Start with a supervised flying experience.  Your instructor will sit down with you, review your previous flying experiences, currency and flying skills.  You will rapidly regain your skills and confidence with an instructor that cares about you and your hang gliding performances. Regain your confidence while your instructor supervises and guides your path back to into the air. 

Refresher Courses