The more advanced you become, the more your access to appropriate mentors decreases. That's why you should stay connected to Wings Over Wasatch Hang Gliding, LLC.  Visiting pilots of recognition like Zac Majors (National Champion), John Heiney (Aerobatics Legend), Mike Barber (Secrets of Champions) and Linda Salamone (Nation Champion) often offer clinics and workshops through Wings Over Wasatch Hang Gliding, LLC when they are in town. If this is the kind of learning you need to achieve your goals as a pilot, contact us and we will work with you to get the kind of training you need.

Hang Gliding Lessons for advanced pilots

 Learn their secrets and get coached by the best! 

  • Learning to Judge Weather Conditions
  • Aerobatic Clinics
  • Performance Psychology
  • ​Thermal Clinincs
  • Cross Country Clinics
  • Preparing for Competitions

National Champion, Zac Majors leading a workshop on,

Why You Should Compete and How You Can Get the Most From It.

Work shops led by the pilots you read about...

Advanced Training