Come hang glide Utah!

Weather you're looking for a one time experience or you've decided to take up hang gliding as a new hobby, Wings Over Wasatch has what you need for hang gliding in Utah.  Want to check hang gliding off your bucket list? Try the tandem instructional flight. You'll learn all about free flight and get a chance to control the glider on your own under the supervision of a tandem hang gliding instructor. Want to take up hang gliding as a new hobby? Sign up now for a first day foot launching lesson and find out what hang gliding in Utah is all about.  Once you've been hooked by the experience of flying like a bird, with out a motor, using the natural wind currents to gain altitude, you'll want to become a member of the most exciting type of free flight there is. Contact Pat now for more information. (603) 545-2774.

First Day Lesson

This comprehensive day includes equipment rental, ground school and hands on training.  You'll also get a new student packet and a 30 day membership to the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.  Call now to set up your first day lesson.

Follow Up Lessons

Once you've been introduced to the sport you can take lessons by the half day.  Half day lessons are typically group lessons. You will get a mixture of hands on learning and ground school. Ground school covers everything from aerodynamics to micro-meteorology, equipment maintenance and flying technique.

Sold in blocks of 3 lessons. USHPA full time membership required. Rates available upon verification of USHPA membership.

Lessons‚Äč & Pricing

Tandem Instructional Flight

Fly with an instructor and soar like a bird on your first day. This instructional flight will get your feet off the ground and give you an opportunity to fly the glider under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Have an amazing experience, one you'll never forget!

We are dedicated to helping you get in the air.  Call us about seasonal and weekly specials.